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About Us
About Us

Welcome to our company!

Tianjin Stable Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional diaphragm carburetor designer and manufacturer. We have the great team including R&D, industrialization, quality assurance and sales group. “Stable” was registered in USA and manufactures in China.We can provide all kinds of design and matching scheme solutions for  customer’s engine. Our vision is “Making the customer’s engine showing the best performance and building better life!”

We have Japan Brother Central Machine and Sugino Self feeder and Special Professional Rotor for machining, 2D Vision Measurement System and fuel meter for quality control and testing. We have senior engineering director leading R&D team for new technology innovation, and our professional industrialization and manufacture team have over 11 years experience on carburetor.

We believe that the best engine must be shown by the real good carburetors, and the perfect performance of your engine is what we are pursuing all the time. Each carburetor manufacturing process in Stable is being controlled strictly under ISO9001 and TS16949 quality system. We assure the series of high standard, stable performance and powerful diaphragm carburetor will be provided for your engines. Let’s make efforts together to let your machine build better life!